Dana White reveales three fighters he considers the best of all time

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Dana White reveales three fighters he considers the best of all time

Almost all of the best MMA fighters in history have gone through the UFC. We say almost all of them because they still failed to reach an agreement with Fedor Emelianenko, while only a few other great fighters, such as Mamed Khalidov, never felt the Octagon.

So Dana White is the man who worked with most of the MMA legends and who watched them all in action, sitting right next to the arena. It is always interesting then to hear what someone like him says about who are the three best fighters in history.

During a guest appearance on the Dave Portnoy show of Barstool Sports, he was asked to list just that, and it can be said that the answer did not come as a surprise. But his addition to many is likely. "I definitely have to go there with Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, and Jon Jones.

But Usman is very close to them here," White said. Some might find a place for Demetrious Johnson or maybe even the aforementioned Fedor, but in fact this trio is most often mentioned whenever some "G.O.A.T."

discussions. As for Kamaru Usman, in fact, this should also come as no surprise, looking at what his current resume is. The UFC welterweight champion is at a 15-0 ratio since becoming a member of the UFC, and within him are already five defending champions.

Kamaru Usman records

He is so dominant that he has already overcome some of the biggest challengers twice. In the next fight, a man he has already defeated, Leon Edwards, is waiting for him, but he did that fight at a time when he did not yet have the title in his possession.

There really isn't much to explain about Silva, St-Pierre and Jones, but Jones has the opportunity, at least according to the results, to find himself at the top. If in the heavyweight division he manages to do what he is among the light heavyweights, no one will be able to dispute that he is the best and most successful MMA fighter of all time.

What he did outside the Octagon will then need to be left to everyone's own judgment. But there is a long and difficult road to being able to just talk about something like that. Some might put Khabib Nurmagomedov in this category but Dana White doesn’t seem to think so. Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, and Jon Jones will remain his favorites