The greatness of Conor McGregor: Has McGregor ever been knocked out?

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The greatness of Conor McGregor: Has McGregor ever been knocked out?

Conor McGregor is one of the most dominant fighters in UFC history but even he has been twice knocked out. The great Floyd Mayweather and Dustin Poirier are the only fighters who have managed to knock out McGregor. In 2017 August, McGregor took on Mayweather in "The Money Fight."

It was a boxing match, which at the same time was McGregor's first-ever boxing matches. McGregor nearly lasted the entire fight as he suffered a knock out only in the 10th round. In 2021 January, Poirier became the second fighter to knock out McGregor.

McGregor knocked out Poirier when they met in 2014 and Poirier was preparing for a rematch for a long time. When the rematch happened, Poirier took out McGregor in the second round.

McGregor wants a rematch with Poirier

McGregor wants to fight Poirier again but recently Poirier said that he's not even thinking about a new fight with McGregor.

“As far as right now, for sure, it’s in the past,” Poirier recently told MMA Junkie. “I’m not even thinking about that. But he says a lot of sh*t. Keep talking”. Fellow UFC fighter Colby Covington recently weighed in on a potential rematch between McGregor and Covington.

"McGregor can heal up and he can fight that," Covington said. "Dustin can re-evaluate and decide if he still wants to keep fighting, because you can already see the quit in him. “Conor is a former champion, a two-division champion, he accomplished some great things in this sport and brought a lot of new eyes to this sport.

"A lot of people who didn’t watch this sport now watch it because of Conor and he’s done some good things. "We don’t know if he still has that same drive as he used to, because the guy is filthy rich - when you’re that rich, what gets you up in the morning to drive you?”