Top 4 best UFC female fighters ever!


Top 4 best UFC female fighters ever!

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has been gaining tremendous popularity and interest lately. Dana White has made a great organization that has a huge number of followers. However, what is most interesting are the UFC female fighters.

Most find it amazing how they fight, and how brave they are in the ring. There are many that have marked the UFC and we will list some of them; 1. Valentina Shevchenko Valentina Shevchenko is a 33-year-old Ukrainian with a score of 22-3-0.

She is currently in the flyweight category and holds the title of champion and is one of the most dangerous UFC fighters. 2. Rose Namajunas Rose Namajunas is a 29-year-old from the USA. She is currently in the women’s strawweight division, where she is also the current champion.

Her score is 11-4 but she has always attracted attention with her appearance and her looks

Other fighters

3. Amanda Nunes The 33-year-old from Pojuca, Brazil Amanda Nunes is perhaps the most famous UFC female fighter, she is 33 years old and is currently the UFC Women's Featherweight Champion.

She's spent a total of 1,119 days as the Featherweight Champion, defeating Felicia Spencer in 2020 and Megan Anderson in 2021. Previously, she was the Bantamweight champion. She's currently ranked second in the UFC's Pound-for-Pound rankings.

Her score is 21-5 Amanda Nunes is considered the greatest UFC fighter who really has an impressive performance, and who shows in the ring how dominant she is. .4. Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey is a famous UFC fighter who comes from the USA, is 34 years old and the only one who managed to win a title in WWE and MMA.

She is considered one of the most interesting fighters, and at the same time, she is interesting to the public. Rousey also spent some with the Worldwide Wrestling Federation (WWE). There are many more fighters who marked the UFC, but the previous three have always aroused the greatest interest.

Of course, over the years, some new faces will appear, which is actually the beauty of this sport Dana White is doing a great job in the UFC and obviously knows how to get everyone’s attention