Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane debated whether they were teammates!


Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane debated whether they were teammates!
Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane debated whether they were teammates!

Soon we will have one of the biggest fights we have been waiting for a long time, and that is the fight between Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane, two top fighters. They used to spar together, and there has been a well-known video that has been talked about for a long time, but Francis Ngannou denies that Gane was his teammate
“Rectification: It’s not a former teammate,” Ngannou said of Gane at Thursday’s pre-fight press conference, as quoted by mmajunkie “Just sorry my man, I was not your former teammate?” Gane responded.

The conflict continued where Francis Ngannou asked questions to Gane “How long we trained together, Ciryl?” Ngannou said. “All right, we don’t talk about how long, but we sparred together because we were from exactly the same team,” Gane said in response.

“How long we trained together? I was based in the U.S. already,” Ngannou said. Ngannou asked the same question again “No, we were not friends, that’s true, but we were former teammates,” Gane said.

“How long did we train together?” Ngannou responded. “You did maybe two camps or three maybe,” Gane said.

Francis Ngannou explained his opinion

Francis Ngannou wanted to explain his position "Two camps? Remember very well, January 2019 when you have to fight in Canada and I was coming from Cameroon, going to Phoenix to fight Cain Velasquez, we trained about three months,” Ngannou said.

“We had about six sessions of training, and I wasn’t in the gym anymore. I was here in Vegas. I was just coming there. Am I right or am I wrong?” “That’s right, but for me when you train at the same gym with a guy (you’re teammates),” Gane responded.

“OK, so we have to redefine the meaning of teammate,” Ngannou said Ultimately he still believes that he and Cyril Gane were never temmates “Yes, that was back in 2019 that we trained together and you can ask him.

I moved to Vegas back in 2017,” Ngannou said. “April 2017, I officially moved to Vegas. So I just went back to France, stopping by for a month, then we trained together. But I still came back to Vegas. “Of course I do recall it, but I wasn’t (full time) in MMA Factory, that’s what I mean.

As now I’m not in MMA Factory. Do you get that?” We can't imagine what the fight between Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane will be like

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