Dana White praised Francis Ngannou and explained why he was not present

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Dana White praised Francis Ngannou and explained why he was not present

Although Dana White came out before the final outcome of the match between Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane, nor did he appear in the ring, he still decided to praise the performance of Francis Ngannou, who he believes had a phenomenal evening and great preparation.

“During the fight, I was very surprised,” White said during an ESPN+ Q&A hosted by Laura Sanko. “After the fight, I mean, it was genius. It was genius for him to work on his wrestling. I guarantee you – I don’t know this for a fact – but I would guarantee you that Ciryl Gane did almost no wrestling preparing for that fight.

To come in and implement the game plan that he had, it was brilliant”. By all accounts, Dana White has nothing against Francis Ngannou, but there is still speculation in the media as to why Dana White was not in the ring after the final, which is quite reasonably questionable.

Dana White on his relationship with Francis Ngannou

But Dana White decided to speak up and break down the prejudices that people have. As he said, he left the hall due to personal obligations, and that he has nothing against Francis Ngannou '' I left the hall immediately after the title fight of the evening (Moreno vs.

Figueiredo), because I had to do some things. To anyone who thinks I have shown any form of disrespect to Francis, I say they are idiots." "I saw him all week, we shook hands and said goodbye. I was present at the confrontations and everything else.

I was not present at the match between Bisping and Rockhold either, because I also had something to do." "I came back in the sprint. I didn't even get to put on my jacket. I came in a shirt and handed Bisping a belt, but I didn't get to do it with Francis, '' Dana White explained.