Michael Bisping comments on a potential duel; Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou

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Michael Bisping comments on a potential duel; Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou
Michael Bisping comments on a potential duel; Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou

Michael Bisping, a well-known UFC fighter, was a guest on Submission Radio where he revealed his opinion regarding Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou "Only until they fight will we really know the answer to that. However, it all depends on Jon Jones’ wrestling,” Bisping said.

“If Jon can’t take him down, he ain’t beating Francis Ngannou. And I don’t care about, oh, he’s the master of game plans and all this type of stuff. If you’re forced to stand toe-to-toe with Francis Ngannou and you cannot take him down, Jon’s probably going to get knocked out.

Let’s be honest." He praised both fighters but believes that Francis Ngannou has an amazing hit and is very strong “We all know how hard he hits. He looked great Saturday night, he was working the body more than just going for the head.

That shows a lot of maturity. And in terms of wrestling, I mean, yes, of course, Jon’s a better wrestler. But Francis is bloody strong, and he’s getting better at wrestling all the time.

Michael Bisping on Francis Ngannou physical appearance

Then he gave an interesting opinion about the physical appearance of Francis Ngannou, who says enough about how strong a Cameroonian is.

“And I think it was DC who said on Saturday night, height-wise they’re kind of similar, Cyril and Francis. But when you looked at their legs, the legs, the thighs, the ass on Francis Ngannou, absolutely gigantic." "And I know that sounds like a weird comment talking about the size of France’s ass, but that’s where the power comes from.

It really does." Yet Michael Bisping just like all of us still doesn’t want to prejudge things, and only the fight of these two great fighters could say it all “So yeah, listen, we can sit here and ponder all day long, but until the fight happens, we don’t know. We just don’t know”.

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