Sean Strickland's most controversial press conference shocked the UFC world!

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Sean Strickland's most controversial press conference shocked the UFC world!

There is little left until the UFC Fight Night 200 event in which the main fight will be between Sean Strickland and Jack Hermansson. Sean Strickland is known for his controversial statements, and this time, at the press conference, he shocked those present.

The first thing they asked him was if he was afraid the UFC might punish him for his statements "I'm getting to a point where I can say s**t and not get cut from the UFC," Strickland told reporters at the UFC Apex.

"Before, it's like 'oh man, I wasn't good' Like, I couldn't say s**t because Dana White would be like, 'Hey, go f**k that white trash motherf**ker. Get him out of here.' But now, since I'm growing a little bit more like, you know, fan base, people want to watch me fight, I can say a lot more offensive s**t.

"Every every coach or manager I ever had, like, 'Sean, shut up. They're not going to sign you. Like, shut up. They don't want that. They want an image.' Now, I'm just going to be the white trash motherf**ker that I am.

It's nice."

Sean Strickland on reporter

Sean Strickland even pointed out that one of the reporters had a gay haircut, and along the way he revealed his opinion about the gay population "I love gay men. Gay men are awesome," Strickland said.

"Lesbians, not so much. Lesbians hate me. Lesbians look at me like the guy that hurt them. I'm not the guy. I'm not your father. But gay men - gay men look at me like they want to f**k me, and I respect that. You know, they compliment me.

They slide in my DMs. I get some d**k pics every now and then. I respect that s**t, so I'm not homophobic." This is only a fraction of what Strickland had to say, and the question is whether the UFC will react to this, because indeed this press conference will be long remembered