MMA judge John McCarthy: "Jon Jones is too good for Stipe Miocic at this time"

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MMA judge John McCarthy: "Jon Jones is too good for Stipe Miocic at this time"

Jon Jones obviously intends to return, and he wants a big fight for such an opportunity. Jones believes that the best option at the moment is Stipe Miocic, while Daniel Cormier also supported it and believes that it would truly be a spectacle Renowned MMA judge John McCarthy, in the latest episode of his Weighing In the podcast, gave his opinion.

McCarthy believes Jones has a big advantage, given the age of Stipe Miocic “I think Jon knows it [the title shot] is coming and he’s just starting to wet the whistle on it and get people’s attention towards it and that’s okay that’s what he’s supposed to [do]… Jon is too good for Stipe at this time… I love Stipe but Stipe’s getting older and it’s the wrestling of Stipe that usually works for him."

- McCarthy said, as quoted by firstsportz

McCarthy on Jon Jones advantages

McCarthy believes that Jones has certain advantages and that he could use it against his opponent. However, we should not underestimate Stipe Miocic, who is a top fighter, and who can offer a lot.

Of course, he is in his serious years, but he is still Stipe Miocic, someone who marked an era of the UFC He’s got the ability to you know to have that and have in his back pocket where you can either use it or at least threaten it and people have to you know fight a certain way…" "He’s not going to be able to threaten it in any fashion with Jon, that’s going to cause a problem and Jon can do it in reverse to him and you know…” says McCarthy.

Of course, this fight is still in question and it is still unknown whether it will happen. But, we can't imagine how much interest there would be in such a match, because that way two great fighters would prepare a fantastic fight for us until the very end.