Abdelaziz and Mike Tyson want a fight between Israel Adesanya and Usman

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Abdelaziz and Mike Tyson want a fight between Israel Adesanya and Usman

Manager Ali Abdelaziz believes that it would be good if there was a fight between Kamara Usman, whose manager he is, and Adesanya, who is the champion in his category. They are both Nigerians and that would be a real spectacle “I want him to beat Leon Edwards, and I want (him) to go fight Israel Adesanya (for) the middleweight title,” Abdelaziz said of Usman, as quoted by bloodyelbow “At the end of the day, I don’t think these guys… they’re cool, but I don’t think they’re, like, best friends.

If (there’s) enough money for both of them to fight, they will fight in the parking lot. I know how people work. “This (has) nothing to do with loyalty. Because these guys, it’s not like they’re training partners, like brothers.

They’re African brothers, and it holds a lot of value, being African, because I’m African, too”. “I like Israel, I love watching him. I’m a huge fan, he’s a nice guy. But at the end of the day, I’m (team) Kamaru Usman all the way.

I wanna see Kamaru Usman before the end of the road have two titles. I’m selfish, I’m greedy. Like Henry Cejudo said, I’m a gold-digger. And I think Kamaru deserves it”.

Abdelaziz on Dana White and Mike Tyson

Abdelaziz also believes that Dana White would love to see such a fight and that all sides would benefit from it.

Even the famous Mike Tyson believes it would be a great match
“I know Dana (wants) it, I want it. It makes sense. It makes a lot of sense,” he said. “Israel Adesanya (went) up to fight for the light heavyweight (title).

Israel did not accomplish what Kamaru (has) accomplished. There’s no way. Not taking anything away from Israel, but I think (if) there’s enough money for these two guys, they would fight. I wanna see this fight now. “Mike Tyson told me this: if they’re real brothers, they should fight. For them to make money”.