Robert Whittaker: "I think I beat Israel Adesanya"

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Robert Whittaker: "I think I beat Israel Adesanya"

After losing to Israel Adesanya in 2019, Robert Whittaker expected this time to be able to offer much more. In the end, he looked much better, he felt progress, but even that was not enough, and in the end, Adesanya won by referee's decision.

"I thought I did enough, I thought I did enough,” Whittaker told MMA Junkie at the post-fight press conference. “Breaking it down, I think I lost the first round. I put myself together and I beat him to every punch.

I got takedowns. I thought I did enough. “But it is what it is. That’s how work goes in the office. I’m going to go back evolve some more, get better, and fine tune the things that I’ve been working on, and come back a better man."

Robert Whittaker on Adesanya

Just like most fighters, Israel Adesanya was Whittaker's toughest opponent. Still, he is optimistic "Honestly, though, Izzy was my biggest obstacle, my biggest hurdle. He beat me in a good fashion the first time.

I’ve been working and angling myself to evolve and to get better and I’ve done that. You can see it in this fight how far I’ve come. To the point that I think I beat him. “So, I’m excited. I’m excited for the future.

The ceiling is nowhere in sight. There is no ceiling for me”.
He is focused on what awaits him, but he still wants a third fight and believes he could finally win the third “A third fight between me and Izzy is inevitable because I’m going to stomp anyone that comes in front of me again,” Whittaker said.

“He knows that too that’s why he said he’ll be seeing me in the future. I don’t see him losing the belt any time soon. He is good. He is good. I think I’m the person to beat him. And my mission stays the same, beat the next guy in front of me”.