Joaquin Buckley on Abdul Razak Alhassan: "My gameplan is to beat his ass"

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Joaquin Buckley on Abdul Razak Alhassan: "My gameplan is to beat his ass"

Joaquin Buckley is relatively new to the UFC, but has serious ambitions in the next match against Abdul Razak AlHassan. It is known that his opponent often finishes matches in the first round, but Buckley seems ready and AlHassan will not have an easy task in this fight.

“With all his wins coming by finishes in the first round, it’s beautiful,” Buckley told MMA Junkie at a pre-fight news conference Wednesday. “Of course, he’s a good fighter in the first round.

We’ll see how the later rounds do. We’ll see how he does. At the end of the day, I’m always coming hard. First. Second. Third. I don’t think we’re heading to the judges with this one”. It seems that Buckley does not bother too much with the little things that could solve the match, but he is primarily focused on himself and on the best possible match.

Buckley on his opponent

It is clear that both fighters are top notch and are looking for the opponent's fault, especially Alhassan who will go for takedown. Obviously Buckley wants to settle the match as soon as possible and doesn’t want to over-calculate
“If he gets me, he gets me,” Buckley said.

“I don’t care about no surviving the first round, second round. I’m always going to come out there and give it my all. If he catches me, good to you. But you’ve got to catch me first, before I do”.

“… My gameplan is to beat his ass, period. Tyron Woodley, ‘I’m gonna beat your ass.’ That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to go out there and beat his ass.’ That’s my gameplan”.

It is clear that a great fight awaits us, which we will enjoy and which will be a real spectacle. They are both motivated and ready, but the question is who will be mentally and physically stronger, because they are aware of the role in this match.