Conor McGregor sent a message: "I'm afraid Leo Messi will earn more than me"

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Conor McGregor sent a message: "I'm afraid Leo Messi will earn more than me"

It is known that athletes are paid a lot and earn a lot of money. Footballers in particular make huge money, while in other sports mostly the best ones are well paid, while others are far below them. Many believe that these things should change, and that athletes are overpaid.

What is unknown to most is that Conor McGregor is the highest paid athlete in the world with earnings of $ 180 million. Only in second place is Leo Messi with a salary of 130 million dollars, and below him is Cristiano Ronaldo with 120 million salaries.

The list of the other 7 consists of NBA, NFL, Tennis and F1 stars, and most know who they are.

Conor McGregor Instagram post

Conor McGregor posted a picture on Instagram in which he is wearing a PSG jersey in support of Sergio Ramos, a great Spanish defender who missed much of the season due to injury.

However, what is most interesting is the message from McGregor, who is afraid that Leo Messi could reach him in terms of earnings;

"At the Beverly Hills supporting my bro @sergioramos at @psg.

"It's crazy how this team has scooped all these incredible players up, and in such quick succession too. "Messi is on 75mill U.S dollar a year, flat. Not including endorsement on top. "He be hard to beat this year on the Forbes list without one more fight in the book.

"But that said don't count me out. We are only 2 months into this new Forbes fiscal year and I already have his years wage boxed off hahaahahahaha #forbesnumberone #theothercatsbeatanyway #doublefederer."- Conor McGregor posted And there are really good chances that Leo Messi will overtake the great Irishman on the list, but we will still wait and see if McGregor will arrange a fight.

What is definite is that Conor McGregor’s fights are the most watched, and that McGregor knows how to attract attention and interest