Francis Ngannou on Jake Paul: I’m 100 per cent with him for what he says

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Francis Ngannou on Jake Paul:  I’m 100 per cent with him for what he says

Jake Paul, currently a boxer but also a Youtuber, is constantly in the public spotlight. This time due to the fact that he provoked Dana White and asked him to increase the salary of UFC fighters and provide them with long-term healthcare.

Renowned UFC fighter Francis Ngannou has backed Jake Paul “I follow all those stuff and I am aware of what’s happening,” Ngannou said on his YouTube channel, as quoted by mirror “You know Paul has his own way of communicating, which is a little bit different.

"Maybe not the same way as I will. But in the meantime, I can’t blame him. I’m 100 per cent with him for what he says. “When he claimed for fighter healthcare, I am 100 percent down with that. He claimed for fighter pay increase, I’m 1000 percent down for that.

"So the fighters are not protected, they are all out there on their own and nobody look up to them... They are putting their body on the line for something. At least [give them] healthcare”.

Francis Ngannou and his contract

Francis Ngannou is not happy with the contract the UFC wanted to offer him, as the Cameroonian wants more freedom of choice "I'm not a good guy for the UFC at all, starting from not signing those contracts and saying no multiple times.

This is something that they don't like," he continued. "I have to look up to myself and do what's better for me. There are a lot of terms in the contract that I don't like, the facts it's a one-way contract I have no guarantee.

"They claim to provide three fights for a fighter every year, but in the past three years I've fought twice. I could have at least fought five times. "I don't feel like an independent contractor, I don't have that freedom and this is something that is very important for me as well."