Islam Makhachev on Conor McGregor: I'm going to smash him like easy

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Islam Makhachev on Conor McGregor: I'm going to smash him like easy

Islam Makhachev shows how great a fighter he is. After another win, many are wondering if Makhachev could appear in the match as a replacement for Oliveira or Gaethje. "For step-in, we have some guys like [Rafael] dos Anjos or Michael Chandler.

But I deserve [the title shot] - I have 10-fight win streak. I’ve been training so hard the last 11 months." “I’m ready for a fight next week, next pay-per-view show. I want to fight in Abu Dhabi. Because I have many of my friends, my friends who stay outside because they cannot come to the Apex.

I want to fight for the title in Abu Dhabi when all my fans can come and support me inside”.

Makhachev vs Oliveira

Many are wondering what the match between Makhachev and Oliveira would look like, and Islam seems very confident.: "I think it’s going to be good match because this guy’s good in the striking and grappling and wrestling.

I’m going to make him tired, pressure him, and make him give up. “Because this guy, I know when somebody goes with him three or four rounds and give him hard punches and a hard time, and he can finish some people with the choke." "But when he does not do this, he gives up all the time.

But I have more grappling skills than him. He going to try to finish me on the ground, but it’s going to be so hard for him”. McGregor could return and it is mentioned that he could immediately find himself in the title fight.

"Honestly, I don't remember when this guy beat someone. He has to come back, beat someone and let’s go, why not? "I'm going to smash him like easy. Bobby Green is going to be harder for me than him."