Top 10 most beautiful women in volleyball

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Top 10 most beautiful women in volleyball

Women have always fascinated men in a certain way. Nowadays, many men choose to follow women's sports for this very reason. Professional sports and female beauty - at first glance, these things are absolutely incompatible.

But it's not the truth! This myth will easily bring down our list of the most beautiful volleyball players on the planet. Volleyball is becoming one of the main sports, both throughout Europe and the world Mankind has been playing volleyball for more than a century.

The inventor of this sports game is the usual American "physical instructor" William George Morgan. In 1895, he raised the tennis net higher and invited his students to alternately throw a basketball camera through it.

In 1922, the first international volleyball competitions in the history of world sport were held. Very quickly, the ladies mastered this energetic game. And, it should be noted that this sport only benefited from that. Photographs of the most beautiful volleyball players are vivid proof of that.

By the way, the first European Women's Volleyball Championship was held in 1949. The gold awards then went to Soviet athletes. Volleyball is one of the most popular sports today. They are characterized by spectacularity, emotionality and unpredictability of the final results.

In this article we will tell you about the most beautiful girls volleyball players of Russia and the world. And, of course, show what they look like.


Looking at photos of all these beauties, it is very difficult to tell who we are experienced fashion role models or professional athletes.

We tried to put together our rating of the most beautiful volleyball players of our time (it was very difficult). And it looks like this: Milena Radetskaya (10th place). Juliet Lazcano (9th place). Jacqueline Carvalho (8th place).

Sana Anarkulova (7th place). Sheila Castro (6th place). Jovana Bracočević (5th place). Martina Guigi (4th place). Alisa Manyonok (3rd place).

Sabina Altynbekova (2nd place).

Winifer Fernandez (1st place).
These girls are the most striking because of their beauty, but of course other qualities that we must praise.

Volleyball is becoming more and more popular sport and it seems that its popularity will grow from year to year. No wonder, considering what kind of beauties we see on the field.