Czech captain Andrea Kossányiová: We are motivated all the time

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Czech captain Andrea Kossányiová: We are motivated all the time
Czech captain Andrea Kossányiová: We are motivated all the time

The Czech Republic secured an appearance at CEV EuroVolley 2023 after a win against Finland. Team captain Andrea Kossányiová talked about many topics in an interview with Kossányiová was also excellent in the match against Finland, and CEV reporters asked her if she was thinking about taking a break from volleyball; "Volleyball is what we love.

A hobby and a job all rolled into one. It is still an enjoyable activity, better than going somewhere for a six to six shift, if not more. We do what we enjoy. I take it for what it is, and that is just the life of an athlete."- she said.

The Czech Republic excelled in the qualifiers and achieved 5 victories. Kossanyiova hopes they can continue at the same pace. "We started at home against Iceland. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but we had an easier opponent to start with, and we were able to try out what we needed.

We got into it, started the euphoria, which showed in the games against Finland and Montenegro. If we can play our Volleyball, there is not much to talk about and I hope we can continue to do that. We leave for Iceland on Saturday, and I hope it will go well there too.

I believe that we will extend our winning streak and go to the World Champs in good shape."

Czech team and motivation

The Czech team is full of quality. In the match against Montenegro, they already secured a qualification, but despite that, they gave their maximum against Finland as well.

The captain confirmed that they had no problem with motivation after the match against Montenegro. "Not really. In the team, each of us is aware that we want to win the group sovereignly. Even our coach is leading us to do that.

Every match we go all out, every point counts for the world ranking. This is also important for us. We are motivated all the time, from the coach, from each other. We are on the same page and we want to win."