The Serbian women's volleyball team beat Brazil to win the world championship

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The Serbian women's volleyball team beat Brazil to win the world championship

In Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, Serbia successfully defended the title they first won in 2018 after winning the 2022 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship on Saturday. In the final of the World Championship in volleyball, a Serbian women's team defeated the Brazilian team 3:0 (26:24, 25:22, 25:17) to win the championship with a score of 3:0.

A second time in a row, Serbia has won a world championship title, and this time it has done so without defeat, and this generation of Serbian players has shown that it is truly a unique generation. In the first two sets, Serbia started from a deficit.

In the first, they made a lot of mistakes, which the Brazilians took advantage of and took a 4:1 lead. But the Serbian women quickly came back, established a score balance, and then gradually took control of the first set. In the end, they still had to play on the difference, but they broke through and took the starting lead - 26:24.

In the second, the Brazilians again get a big advantage on the court. Gabi served brilliantly and the Selecao reached +4 (6:2). But like in the first set, Serbia came back and reached a tie 12:12. It was played in mini-series until the end of the second set, and with the score 22:22, Tijana Bošković's indefensible attacks gave Serbia three points and reached the second set - 25:22.

In the final, Boskovic topped the scoreboard with 24 points, all of which came in the form of attacks, and her middle blocker teammate Jovana Stevanovic added 11 points as well.

Captain Boskovic is speachless

"I'm speechless," captain Boskovic commented.

"These girls, this team, this energy... We did it without losing a single match. I'm so happy and so proud to be part of this team. I want to thank everyone that supported us over these past three weeks, especially my family."

"I just enjoy being on the court and I think that's the most important thing," Boskovic said. "I just enjoy playing volleyball, that's all." As a result of the physical and mental collapse of the Brazilians in the third set, Serbia enjoyed a routine victory and claimed the title of world champion. Previously, Italy was able to claim third place as a result of its excellent performance.