Kamila Valieva defends her coach who has been under huge criticism!

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Kamila Valieva defends her coach who has been under huge criticism!

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva started the Olympics in a phenomenal way. However, she could not even guess what awaited her. After she immediately showed how great her talent was at the start, a doping scandal ensued in which Kamila Valieva turned out to be positive.

After that, there was a lot of public pressure, a lot of criticism, and for the 15-year-old athlete, those were probably the hardest days of her life. Many condemned her closest ones, namely coach Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze, who they thought was too "cold" and did not provide the necessary support to Valieva.

However, Kamila Valieva thanked her coach on her Instagram post “My first Olympiad is finally over and I want to thank those who led me to this most important event in an athlete’s life - my coaches Eteri Georgievna, Sergei Viktorovich, Daniil Markovich,” she wrote on Instagram.

“And I would like to thank those who lead me to this important event in my life - my coaches Eteri Georgievna, Sergei. You are absolute masters in your field!

Instagram post of Kamila Valieva

With this post, Kamila Valieva seems to have denied rumors that her coach is the biggest problem, and showed that it was Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze who was with her in the most difficult moments.

“You not only train, you also learn to overcome yourself, which helps not only in spirit but in life.
“With you near me I feel protected and able to face any challenge. Thank you for helping me be strong. I’m going to be a good one”.

It is certain that this doping scandal has left a big stain on Kamil Valiev's CV, and that she will be remembered for it, but what is most important is that the Russian is a top talent and that many Olympic Games are ahead of her. She can still break many records, and all this should be forgotten as soon as possible