Sofia Goggia implies that homose*uals are not able to survive in Kitzbühel.

"a man who turns into a woman has physical characteristics,...,which allow him to push harder."

by Faruk Imamovic
Sofia Goggia implies that homose*uals are not able to survive in Kitzbühel.

Ski star Sofia Goggia caused an outcry. In the interview, she implies that homose*uals are not able to survive in Kitzbühel.
The scandal about Sofia Goggia! The speed specialist is one of the best skiers in the World Cup circuit.

In an interview, however, she now allows herself a verbal threader, which results in a shitstorm and even gets politicians on the scene. controversial statement
In an interview with the daily newspaper "Corriere della Sera", Goggia is asked whether there are homose*ual athletes in the World Cup.

Goggia replies: “Among women, some yes. Among men I would say no. They have to throw themselves off the Streif of Kitzbuhel…”. Ivan Gasparotto, State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, explains the outrage at this statement as follows: "According to Sofia Goggia, a homose*ual man is not in a position to contest a departure." As Gasparotto sees, the situation is also classified by numerous angry users on social networks.

Goggia is faced with a shitstorm.

Controversial statements about transgender athletes as well

Her statements on the subject of transgender athletes are also controversial. Goggia's opinion: “At the level of sport, a man who turns into a woman has physical characteristics, even at the hormonal level, which allow him to push more.

I don’t think that’s right then” Apology The 29-year-old is now rowing back. She apologizes publicly: “I am sorry and I apologize to all the people who have felt offended for the sentence that came out in the Corriere della Sera interview which, certainly, when I said it, did not want to be of a discriminatory nature “ Quarrel Goggia against Brignone It's not the first time that Goggia offends with statements in interviews.

Most recently, however, the outrage in the final phase of the season was still limited to the inner circle of the Italian women's team. Goggia had expressed in several interviews that she did not think much of her colleague Federica Brignone.

Brignone had returned the animosity – the association had to intervene to mediate. With her controversies, Goggia casts a shadow over her sportingly extremely successful season. Although she was severely handicapped by a knee injury, she conquered the small crystal globe downhill and raced to Olympic silver in the supreme discipline in Beijing. Since Pyeongchang 2018 she has been allowed to call herself an Olympic downhill champion.