Amy Williams on struggling with anxiety and stress after retirement

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Amy Williams on struggling with anxiety and stress after retirement

Olympic skeleton gold medalist Amy Williams is still active after retirement. Williams wanted to try her hand at many fields, and it seems that the most beautiful job is being a mother. “I'm trying to juggle motherhood and sort of almost being that full-time mum because of my husband's work hours,” she said for eurosport.

"I'm trying to juggle my PT business. I'm trying to juggle you know, daily life admin of being a mum of a family, I'm trying to juggle all other admin that comes in from being an ex-athlete, podcasts, to interviews, to setting up other work, TV work.

I've had my book that I've done recently, so that was a lot of admin. So you must feel like you've got all these different things that you need to do, and there's never enough time to do it all”.

Williams and anxiety

Due to the fast life, Williams often feels anxiety.

Stress is a big problem for most people, and Williams tries to deal with it. “As an athlete, I don't think I did [get stressed]. Because you were so in this different mindset. Where I think now, as what I think is just a crazy working mum who's a scatterbrain, I do feel like I get a bit stressed and anxious.

I am more aware that I get more snappy. I definitely feel like I'm a bit more snappier with the boys, I'm probably a bit more harsher with Craig, my husband, and I reckon that's because I'm feeling stressed and anxious and worried.

And I'm not prepared, and that's when I realise 'OK, take a deep breath, lower my expectations, 100%, you're just expecting too much from yourself' I wake up and my shoulders are up here, and I'm clenching my jaw.

And I'm like 'OK deep breaths, take three big deep breaths and just lower everything down and not worry about things so much'”.