Ski World Cup: Mauro Caviezel shows injuries after the horror fall


Ski World Cup: Mauro Caviezel shows injuries after the horror fall
Ski World Cup: Mauro Caviezel shows injuries after the horror fall

After the serious fall at the Super-G in Lake Louise (CAN), Mauro Caviezel reported on social media and showed his injuries. It was horrible scenes at the men's Super-G in Lake Louise. Mauro Caviezel crashes at high speed and lands on his face on the icy slope.

The Swiss is dragged a few meters down the slope with his head down and ends up in the safety net of the course. After the shocker in Canada, Caviezel reports to his fans on Instagram.

The 34-year-old Swiss, who recently returned from injury, remains unlucky.

At first, the veteran is still doing well before he falls before the fourth split. Caviezel threads his right ski into the goal and falls immediately. Dazed, the ski ace slides on his stomach into the safety net at the edge of the track "Not the comeback „face“ I was hoping for… 🥴 My heartfelt thank you for all the messages and wishes - I will be pretty again.

🤞🏼🙃 Thanks to the entire ski family for the warm welcome back to the WC circus! 🙏🏼" wrote Mauro Caviezel.

Shock also with brother Gino

Difficult moments also went through the younger of the Caviezel brothers.

Gino (30) started the Super-G with start number 16 and was just warming up when the news of the race interruption caught up with the Swiss. "Our two physiotherapists, Michel Burgener and Rene van Engelen, gave me the best possible care at that moment, and they deliberately withheld some information about Mauro's condition from me.

But when I heard how the helicopter went up, I was of course hooked worried," Caviezel is quoted as saying in Blick. The 30-year-old also thought of his parents and sisters: "It must be something of the worst for the family when, after such a serious fall from the big Mauro with number 8, with number 16, the younger son also goes to the race track.

Also because no detailed information about Mauro's condition had leaked back home before I started."

Question about comeback not resolved

It is not yet known whether the 2020 overall Super G World Cup winner will return to the ski circuit.

The recent setback will be difficult to digest. "Mauro will be examined in detail in Switzerland. Until then, nothing can be said about his sporting future," brother Gino leaves his older brother's future open.