Kamila Valieva practices and is awaiting a decision on doping!

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Kamila Valieva practices and is awaiting a decision on doping!

Kamila Valieva, one of the biggest sensations of this year's Olympic Games, at the age of only 15 achieved the success that most people have been dreaming of for years, and that is the women's figure skating gold medal.

However, the real reversal of the situation happened when it was revealed that Valieva was positive on a doping test. “She is not suspended,” Russian figure skating federation spokeswoman Olga Ermolina said, as quoted by abcnews “Obviously everyone has been worried, waiting for a decision,” said Morisi Kvitelashvili of Georgia "Her condition is good, and it seems like everything is fine”.

Nathan Chen will listen to the news at any moment, but it is still unknown what will happen, although the previous experience can tell us a lot. “I think there's a lot of other factors that are being put in play,” said American skater Nathan Chen, who could won another title “Whatever ends up being the case will be the case, but I'm still wrapped up in what I was able to do today.

Looking forward to hearing what is ultimately decided”.

Other competitors on doping situation

Shoma Uno, a Japanese competitor, also has reason to hear about what will happen, but doping is a serious matter in today's sport “Everybody is giving our best in practice to perform for an event like this,” Uno said.

“What I think, good or bad, is not a big deal, but doping is something (to which) all athletes pay extra attention”. In the end, we will see what will happen, but things like this shock us again, especially if we take into account that Valieva is only 15 years old.

Things will certainly not be resolved quickly, but we will closely monitor the situation and report on possible penalties
“Everyone is doing absolutely everything that the situation can be resolved as soon as possible,” Adams said, though he cautioned “as you know, legal issues can sometimes drag on”.