Adam Rippon: "Kamila Valieva is 15. I doubt very much she knowingly doped"

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Adam Rippon: "Kamila Valieva is 15. I doubt very much she knowingly doped"

15-year-old Russian star figure skater Kamila Valieva provoked numerous reactions after the doping scandal. One of those who spoke about it was the former Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, who decided to talk for NPR, and at the beginning, they were interested in Rippon's opinion regarding this scandal.

"The saddest part [about the doping scandal] is that as a sport, and people who are fans of the Olympics, we want to celebrate that. That's amazing. The way that Kamila Valieva was able to skate in that team competition is amazing."

"Every program she did, I was one of the first people to stand up because I was in awe of what I was seeing. And, they ruined that. They ruined that for her, and they ruined it for all of us who really were so excited that there was this incredible talent."

- Rippon said, as quoted by npr "The adults around her ruined it. Valieva is 15. I doubt very much she knowingly doped. She's a minor. The adults completely failed her." "It puts a cloud over the entire event.

A cloud. Nobody will ever think of this event and not think of the doping scandal that was attached to it. That sucks."

Valieva ban

If the Court of Arbitration for Sport bans Valieva, will that solve things? "No.

No it wouldn't. It questions everything. You know, [Valieva] is one of three skaters from the same camp. No positive tests [for the others]. But I mean it questions absolutely everything. So, nobody will look at the event with rose-colored glasses."

Rippon, however, believes there will be no correlation between her success and doping "No. I think because just being able to see a female do the quadruple jump has inspired a lot of women to start working on it. Urgently.

And I think all across the world there are girls who now go, ok, when I grow up, I want to be able to do a triple axel and a quadruple jump. And I think that because they don't put a ceiling on what they think is possible, anything is possible."