Kamila Valieva's coach on doping scandal: "It's a very well-planned plan"

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Kamila Valieva's coach on doping scandal: "It's a very well-planned plan"

Kamila Valieva has caused a chain reaction in the world of sports, and there are many who want to talk about this topic. Valieva turned out to be positive on the doping test, and punishment for that is still expected. Rachael Denhollander, a lawyer and former gymnast, believes the main culprits are the people on her team A child does not make a choice to take those kinds of medications unless they’re given to her by somebody who’s in authority,” Denhollander told Reuters.

“What we’re really seeing is the incredible damage that has come yet again to a child who has been under the control of adults who value her, not for who she is but for what she can produce for them”. Coach, Eteri Tutberidze is in disbelief and believes that everything is a set-up “It’s unclear why an athlete with a suspected doping on Dec.

25 was cleared to compete at the Olympics,” Tutberidze told Russian state television. “Either it is an ill-fated confluence of circumstances, or it’s a very well-planned plan. I hope our officials will not abandon us and defend our rights and prove our innocence”.

IOC spokesman on testings

IOC spokesman Mark Adams did not want to talk about her testings. “I can’t speak directly about the delay,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said. “It was a WADA-sanctioned lab in Stockholm so that is a question that should be directed to WADA”.

the former director of testing at the French Anti-Doping Agency, Jean-Pierre Verdy, believes it takes time for everything “Between a sample’s delivery time, added to the analysis time and re-analysis time to confirm the presence of a specific substance, and the fact that you have to send the screenings to several labs to get external confirmation – and some labs don’t have that kind of experience – the delays can be long,” Verdy told Reuters.

Of course, this case is the most interesting at the moment and we will keep you informed about new information