Olympic court: Kamila Valieva will testify in doping case hearing

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Olympic court: Kamila Valieva will testify in doping case hearing

It seems that things related to Kamila Valieva and her situation are starting to be resolved. After the great 15-year-old Russian won gold at the Olympic Games in the figure skating category, after a few days, it turned out that Valieva was positive for the illicit substance.

However, new information says that Kamila Valieva will testify by video at an appeal hearing Sunday “The athlete will be online and she will testify," Reeb said, as quoted by thenewstribune "We suppose she will speak in Russian, and we have an interpreter”.

Russian ice dancer Nikita Katsalapov sided with her and supported her “Kamila is a strong girl,” “Victoria had a few minutes to share some words with her,” Katsalapov said. “(Victoria) asked her to, like, calm down just a little bit, even if it's a hard situation around her right now”.

Mirai Nagasu, a former member of the U.S. figure skating team believes that the biggest culprits are the people around Valieva “Let's be kind to the 15-year-old who produced a positive drug test because she lives in an institutionalized system where she was most likely guided and trusted the adults around her,” tweeted Mirai Nagasu,


Ashley Wagner, also a famous figure skater believes that these things should be taken seriously “Yes, a 15-year-old can be mature, and have a life that is already full of incredible experiences, but still, she is a kid," Wagner said.

"She’s not the first kid put in this position and she won’t be the last unless we start taking this seriously”. Russian ice dancer Gleb Smolkin wished good luck to young Valieva, and we all seem eager to find out the final outcome “It’s always bad when something like that happens, so we’re very sorry for any athlete," Russian ice dancer Gleb Smolkin said.

"I think like everyone else, we are just waiting for the results of this story. We wish Kamila all the best. She’s a great athlete, she’s a great skater. She has a bright future”.