IOC statement: Kamila Valieva will not receive a medal if she wins again!

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IOC statement: Kamila Valieva will not receive a medal if she wins again!
IOC statement: Kamila Valieva will not receive a medal if she wins again!

Kamila Valieva is a major topic in the world of sports these days. After a 15-year-old sensation from Russia won a gold medal in the figure skating category, she underwent testing a few days later and turned out to be positive on a doping test.

Many were left shocked, and could not believe that a 15-year-old could be positive for illicit substances. Well-known athletes have spoken out after all, and most believe that Valieva is a victim of those who are next to her and that she is not to blame in this case.

Still, a lot of information was coming in these days about her, and nothing concrete happened, but the IOC had an interesting statement that surprised many. Kamila Valieva, apparently, will not have a medal ceremony if she finishes in the top 3 in the next competition "Should Ms.

Valieva finish amongst the top three competitors in the Women's Single Skating competition, no flower ceremony and no medal ceremony will take place during the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022," the IOC's statement said.

IOC statement on medal ceremony

However, things are still not finally resolved, and the real information could not come until the next few days or weeks. The IOC does not want to do anything concrete yet, but it will take patience to make a final decision.

Kamila Valieva and her team are in a difficult situation, and it is very likely that the outcome will be negative for them.
"In the interest of fairness to all athletes and the NOCs [National Olympic Committes] concerned, it would not be appropriate to hold the medal ceremony for the figure skating team event during the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 as it would include an athlete who on the one hand has a positive A-sample, but whose violation of the anti-doping rules has not yet been established on the other hand," the IOC said.

These are certainly difficult moments for such a young athlete and the question is how she will cope with this pressure. There are many culprits in this case, and Valieva seems to be the least guilty. This could be a big blow for such a young person