Kamila Valieva cleared to compete reactions!

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Kamila Valieva cleared to compete reactions!

There is a lot of information coming at the moment, concerning Kamil aValieva. The young contestant at the Olympics after a great result in the competition, and a fairy tale that lasted a short time, is now suffering real torture and public pressure.

After she tested positive for doping, she will be allowed to continue competing, which caused a large number of reactions. One of the interesting reactions is from CNN sports analyst Christine Brennan who is quite furious after Valieva was given permission to compete.

“To me, that’s ridiculous,” Brennan said as quoted by mediaite“ "She in the women’s competition. She is competing against all kinds of women at different ages…It’s absurd. I think this is a real threat for these Games, a stain on the Olympics, which are already controversial being here and all the other issues involved with Beijing."

"I truly think this is a black mark that will last a long time on these Olympics. If you can’t trust what you’re watching, why watch? Either you’re going to allow doping or not going to allow doping”.

Other reactions

Tara Lipinski, also a once-great Olympian, disagrees with decision for Valieva to continue the competition
"I strongly disagree with this decision. At the end of the day, there was a positive test and there is no question in my mind that she should not be allowed to compete."

"Regardless of age or timing of the test (and) results. I believe this will leave a permanent scar on our sport." - 1998 Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinsk German Olympic Sports Confederation President Thomas Weikert, also had something to say "The basic issue arises of what kind of high-performance sport we actually want to have.

This current case strengthens our conviction that young athletes should be given time. Humane high-performance sports cannot make big demands too early." - German Olympic Sports Confederation president Thomas Weikert.