Kamila Valieva's lawyer says grandfather's medicine led to positive test!

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Kamila Valieva's lawyer says grandfather's medicine led to positive test!

The surprising news comes from Beijing. Kamila Valieva's team believes that a positive doping test came from a contaminated glass of water that contained traces of her grandfather's heart medication. Valieva’s lawyer Anna Kozmenko explained to the court the bizarre reason, and how it could have happened
“There can be completely different ways how it got into her body,” Kozmenko said, as quoted by theguardian “For example, grandfather drank something from a glass, saliva got in, this glass was somehow later used by an athlete.

Or the drug lay down on some surface, traces remained, the drug lay down on this surface, which the athlete then drank”.

Kamila Valieva on her situation

Kamila Valieva suffered tremendous public pressure and this greatly affected her.

Valieva says, however, that she is happy for the support she has received, especially in Russia "These days have been very difficult for me, emotionally. I am happy but emotionally fatigued. That is why these tears of joy and a little bit of sadness.

But, of course, I am happy to take part in the Olympic Games. I will do my utmost to represent our country. “Apparently, this is a stage I have to live through,” she added. “I hear so many good wishes. I have seen outdoor banners in Moscow.

It is very pleasing, this support is very important for me in this difficult time. I thought I was alone but my closest friends and family will never abandon me”. Kamila Valieva was quite exhausted after a 7-hour hearing.

However, we have no doubt that Valieva will come out of this even stronger and more ready “I sat there for seven hours, we had one 20-minute break, and I sat there and watched. It was very difficult, but it is apparently one of the moments, of the phases, that I have to go through,” Valieva said, adding that the entire process had taught her that adult life “can be unfair to some extent”.