Reactions to Kamila Valieva's case: "Why does a 15-year-old perform at the Olympics"

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Reactions to Kamila Valieva's case: "Why does a 15-year-old perform at the Olympics"

The case of Kamila Valieva provoked many reactions, especially when the decision was made that she could continue with the competition. However, in the last few days a new question has been raised; Why does a 15-year-old perform at the Olympics? "You want these athletes to have an opportunity to have this be a profession, not a one-year run at it," Mariah Bell said, as quoted by newsy "If we had an age minimum limit, I think it would promote that idea of longevity and somebody being 25 wouldn't be shocking at an Olympics."

Norwegian Skating Federation president Mona Adolfsen also had a table to say about Valieva
"I think that the Valieva case really will push this forward and hopefully it will also put this question forward to other sports federations," Mona Adolfen told The Associated Press.

"Valieva is a child, so whatever happened, we feel sorry for her."

Alexia Paganini on Kamila Valieva

Swiss skater Alexia Paganini reveals a solution he thinks would be best "If they raise the age, the motivation to create a skater who has longevity is higher," Swiss skater Alexia Paganini said.

"You are forced to think about a technique that can be maintained throughout your entire adult career." Adolfsen compared skating figures then and now, and what was most sought after. There are many comments related to the scoring system in today's figure skating.

"I hope that the development will be that it's possible to learn the quads also for the women later, but maybe in the big picture that's not the most important thing in figure skating," Adolfsen said. "They remember 1984 and 1988 Olympic champion Katarina Witt still, and that's not because of the difficult jumps.

It was because of the performance." We will see how Kamila Valieva will cope with this pressure and criticism she has received lately. However, most believe that Valieva is the least to blame for the situation in which she found herself