Katarina Witt on Kamila Valieva "I did not want to be in her shoes"

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Katarina Witt on Kamila Valieva "I did not want to be in her shoes"

Kamila Valieva is still in the spotlight after the doping scandal at the Beijing Olympics. Once a great Olympian from the 80's, Katarina Witt believes that this will have huge consequences for the young Valieva, and the pressure she currently has will be very difficult to bear.

"I did not want to be in her shoes and have that pressure and to go out there and skate as bravely as she did," Katarina Witt told RT "She made a little mistake but still she had to go out there: the entire world was watching, everyone had an eye on her, and of course the rest of the competition.

"It was so tough. The pressure that lies on that young 15-year-old girl, a minor – it’s not fair that she had to deal with such pressure. "And for this, she was delightful, she was beautiful. Skating-wise, she is in her own league.

It was a tough night for her but she really delivered."

Katarina Witt on Valieva

Witt thinks Valieva has done a great job, and is doing well so far. Yet only Kamila currently knows how she feels. The question is who is the biggest culprit for this scandal, but it is really a pity for such a young athlete that such things happen.

"With what happened [over] the entire last week, it’s difficult for an athlete," said Witt. "Even though you have your tunnel, you try not to concentrate on the outside – but she knows what pressure was on her and [it was] the same with the pressure on all the other competitors.

"She did a very good job going through this competition, dealing with what she’s dealing with, and what she definitely should not have to deal with." This will have huge consequences for Kamila VALIEVA both now and after some time.

We don’t know how mentally strong she is, but when you’re 15 you can hardly cope with things like this