Kaori Sakamoto, figure skater: “Do I feel sorry for Valieva? I don’t think so"

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Kaori Sakamoto, figure skater: “Do I feel sorry for Valieva? I don’t think so"

Many reactions have been received regarding the case of Kamila Valieva. There are many Olympians who have spoken out about the 15-year-old Russian doping scandal, and most have differing opinions on the issue. The International Olympic Committee has revealed that there will be no ceremony after all “There will be an asterisk against the results, because they will be preliminary obviously pending the investigation,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said.

“Would we prefer not to have all this going on? Absolutely”. Kaori Sakamoto is not happy with what happened, but it seems that the focus does not want to shift to this case. “Do I feel sorry for her? I don’t think so.

I wouldn’t say so,” said Kaori Sakamoto of Japan, as quoted by globalnews. “I’m focusing on the competition. At the moment, I’m actually trying not to think about things like that. Of course, there were moments where I thought: ‘What’s going to happen? What’s happening?’”

Travis Tygart on the issue

Anti-Doping CEO Travis Tygart also spoke out about the doping scandal “You use all of that to increase performance,” Tygart said.

“It totally undermines the credibility” of Valieva’s defense. Karen Chen, who is also taking part in the competition, is disappointed that she will not have the opportunity to be on the podium. “That’s definitely disappointing,” said Karen Chen “I really was looking forward to being on the podium with my teammates, and just sharing that moment, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that felt that way.

So definitely, definitely disappointing”. Kamila Valieva seems to have ruined the plans of her colleagues who have been dreaming about the podium for a long time, but she also ruined the plans of many others. It seems that Valieva has dealt the biggest blow to herself, and at the moment we do not know who will be the biggest culprit, but it will not be easy for Valieva after so much pressure and after so much criticism.