Katarina Witt spoke in tears about Kamila Valieva: "She should have been protected"

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Katarina Witt spoke in tears about Kamila Valieva: "She should have been protected"

Katarina Witt commented on Kamila Valieva's case and at one point even cried after all. Witt believes that this should not have happened to a 15-year-old girl, who is the biggest victim in all this “What has happened is exactly what she should have been protected from,” Witt said, as quoted by yahoo “She is 15.

She’s a child. I’m sorry. When you see her sitting there, shattered …” Witt believes that Katarina Valieva should have more support, and that someone had to stand by her side “She was a shadow of herself,” she continued.

“She couldn’t win in this whole game whether she had skated perfectly and became Olympic champion. Yes, it would have been debated, but what has now happened is the absolute worst”. “I almost thought maybe she would actually do it,” she said.

“Maybe because she was just 15, she could shake it off and say ‘I can do it.’ But there was a political pressure placed on her …" "I wish someone like her mother or someone responsible would have taken her out of there, put her in a plane home, three months away from this whole mess, before the tsunami which has crashed over her came”.

Katarina Witt on Kamila Valieva

What most believe, even Witt is that Kamila Valieva is not responsible for the situation she is in and that many are responsible for all this. As an athlete, you always follow the advice of your confidants, in this case she probably followed her coach and medical team," she wrote.

"It is a shame, and the responsible adults should be banned from the sport forever!!! I admire Kamila as a radiant star, who burst into the orbit of the international skating world, and I still very much wish she has come to stay." There is a lot of pressure and a lot of criticism, but we will see what will happen