Karen Chen to Kamila Valieva: "I'm sorry that you're sort of the face of this'"

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Karen Chen to Kamila Valieva: "I'm sorry that you're sort of the face of this'"
Karen Chen to Kamila Valieva: "I'm sorry that you're sort of the face of this'"

The women's individual figure skating competition has come to an end and it is clear to everyone which scandal marked this competition. One of the contestants Mariah Bell is not happy with the result, but she is happy with the performance and experience "I had a really great time on the ice.

We've all had moments -- center ice, at the Olympics -- that we will be so proud of and will remember forever, and that's all we can ask for of ourselves," Mariah Bell told NBC 7 "I'll be honest, my individual event did not go the way I wanted to, but I had such a great performance in the team event.

But overall, I'm just really happy to be here and experience all these memories with these lovely ladies," Chen said.

Karen Chan on Kamila Valieva

Karen Chen sympathizes with Kamila Valieva, but she is glad that her team is not in similar scandals.

"'I'm sorry that you're sort of the face of this,'" Bell would say to Valieva. "There's a lot of things that we don't know and we're speculating, or whatever, but it's an unfortunate experience for her, I know. But, [the situation] makes me even more proud to be part of a team of clean athletes." Karen Chen is happy with the experience she had, but says it wasn’t easy at any point.

Still, they can boast that they were part of the Olympic team "I definitely shed so many tears this whole entire time I've been here in China," Chen said. "But I don't regret a single tear. Every single one counted and was totally worth it." Bell added, "You don't come out of the Olympics saying it was solely the most amazing experience of your life.

It's tough, too, especially being here without family. So, I think we all have our badge now, we're literally Olympians and we've been through it all and I'm proud of us."


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