Adam Rippon: "It's a shame that this is Kamila Valieva's Olympic experience"

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Adam Rippon: "It's a shame that this is Kamila Valieva's Olympic experience"

American figure skater Adam Rippon is shocked by the case of Kamila Valieva, just like most winter sports fans. After it's all over, Rippon thinks the people around her are the biggest culprits “I think Kamila is a victim in this.

But I also think every other girl in that event is a victim of Kamila,” Rippon told Eurosport
“It feels like a completely unfair situation. It feels like we're making accommodations for somebody who didn't follow the rules.

That person is also unfortunately 15 years old." "And that makes me think also, as a coach, how that skater got those medications." “It makes me think that those adults around her completely failed her.

It's a 15-year-old girl. It's a shame that this is her Olympic experience. IOC spokesman Adams believes the whole situation should be taken into account, not just Valieva as an individual “We created an entourage commission.

We realized some time ago this is very, very important,” said IOC spokesman Adams "All of the people – the coaches, doctors and everyone around the athlete – it’s important they have their responsibility too.

We don’t just look at athletes involved in these cases, we do look at the entourage, it is very important”.

Rippon on coaches

Rippon is of the opinion that coaches should focus more on their athletes, and they should be role models and someone who will give everything for them.

“As a coach, I've learned that the most important thing is when your athlete is done and they're retiring. How did you leave them? And how did they leave the sport? And what is your relationship after?" "What did you do to their life moving forward?" “I think every coach should think about how do they want their athletes to leave the sport and what impact are they going to have on this athlete's life?" "Because you're an athlete for a blip of a second, and then you have your whole life."

“Sports are incredible. And I think like we need to focus on that. And I think like as a coach, your main objective is how do I input all of this information to my athletes so that when they move on from sport they either want to stay involved in it because they love it so much or they can take all of these tools and be successful in whatever they do."

"And I think that needs to be readdressed in a new focus. That winning is everything in sport, but winning at what cost? Because we're seeing what the cost is. And I don't think it’s worth the price”.