Mikaela Shiffrin: “You can fail and not be a failure"

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Mikaela Shiffrin: “You can fail and not be a failure"

Mikaela Shiffrin is not happy with her performance at the Olympics, she revealed this in an interview with the Olympics; “You can fail and not be a failure,” Shiffrin told Olympics.com in an interview. Simone Biles, also a famous Olympian, supported Shiffrin throughout the tournament “To get any level of even acknowledgment from Simone is insane because to me, she's so beyond, she's just an insane athlete,” said Shiffrin.

“And the fact that she said, ‘You're still one of the greatest athletes in the world, and this Olympics didn't change any of that.' It means a lot to hear”.

Simone Biles and Mikaela Shiffrin

Simone Biles was not mentally prepared enough at the previous Olympics and withdrew.

Shiffrin thinks this is a great lesson for other athletes “She has a little bit of distance from [Tokyo] and has had some pretty great experiences more recently now,” said Shiffrin. “And I imagine she's starting to think, ‘Hey, you know what? As awful as it felt in that moment, it just wasn't… it just wasn't that bad."

"It wasn't the worst thing that happened in my career,’ and many people would consider it somehow the best thing that happened in her career and how it gave so many other people around the world permission to just be a little bit more vulnerable”.

Mikaela is positive and expects only the best from herself “I have won in my career and I'm going to win again, and ironically, I'm going to win because of the skiing that I've been doing these last couple of weeks while we've been here,” she said.

“It’s some of the best skiing I've ever done: even the first turns that I made in the races in tech is some of the best turns or the best skiing that I've started in a race with the intensity and the mentality that I have to have in order to really have a shot at podiums and winning races”.