Eileen Gu: I want to be a real person and show my real life


Eileen Gu: I want to be a real person and show my real life

Eileen Gu has been one of the most popular people lately after her phenomenal performance at the Beijing Olympics. During one of the tik stream live shows, Liu Yuxi asked Gu how she wants to inspire young girls "I don’t want to sound like some “perfect” person who has so much to teach others."- Gu said, as quoted by olympics "Some people with filters on the television look different from what they look like in real life, others seem to achieve things easily.

Eileen Gu doesn’t seem to have a multi-faceted person, so it’s clear she wants to show who she is, but in the right way. It seems that with her behavior and attitudes she could very well be a role model for many girls "I want to be a real person and show my real life, the process of how grow.

I have some nice moments while I also have some bad ones. "I'll put on makeup, and I'll also get zits. That’s my real life and I want to show it to the public."

Eileen Gu: I'm not perfect all the time

What she put the most emphasis on is that no one is perfect, and that one should not strive for perfection.

But she seems to be passionate about sports and wants to influence others with her actions. Eileen Gu is so young, and already so popular. She has a great career ahead of her "I want to be a girl who always shows her love for sports, tries to dive deeper and become more knowledgeable and who learns and makes progress, as I’m not perfect all the time.

"I also want to be a girl who enjoys life, as I just do what I really love. "What I want to achieve is that people can see my passion through social media and in other ways."