Mikaela Shiffrin: We want to win, and it hurts when you don't


Mikaela Shiffrin: We want to win, and it hurts when you don't
Mikaela Shiffrin: We want to win, and it hurts when you don't

Alpine ski superstar Mikaela Shiffrin has failed in her intentions in Beijing, but it seems that she will soon forget about this adventure and is already considering the Milan-Cortina Olympics "I love the Cortina," she said exclusively to Olympics.com, "I love competing there." In four years, anything can happen, but Shiffrin seems to have a lot of optimism in herself and believes that she can do a lot.

"It's four years from now, so it's hard to say for sure," she says, "but I would make that a goal to get there and to get there in strong form." Mikaela had the biggest goals that she did not achieve, but support means a lot to her "We want to win, and it hurts when you don't...

And to see and hear and get so much feedback from so many people just understanding that and still being supportive. Well, it's been really pretty incredible."

Mikaela Shiffrin on her Olympics Games adventure

Shiffrin has performed in 6 different events and as she says, the Olympics are her dream "Day after day, I just kept making the decision that I wanted to keep going, keep trying.

"It's always been a dream of mine to compete in every event at the Olympic Games. And I don't know, was it worth competing in every event? "Maybe... maybe it was more overwhelming, maybe it was too much to take on, and that might have...

Maybe that played a role in not actually performing in any one event. "Was it worth it? I mean, I have Olympic medals. Personally, I would say it was worth it, but it feels certainly like... I feel like a joke, I still do. Despite everything, Shiffrin is a phenomenal skier and it is certain that she can do a lot in the next games. Obviously, there are motives and desires in her