Ricky Starks on the difficulties of the commentary job

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Ricky Starks on the difficulties of the commentary job

Ricky Starks does a great job as a commentator, but he found that job requires a lot.. “There’s a misconception that just because you’re charismatic and can cut a promo that you can also do commentary. They’re not one and the same, at all,” he said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“There’s a lot of ebbs and flows, and a lot of stuff to commentary that people don’t even think about. So, when you’re out there and it’s a show that is live and we have to move from one thing to another, and you can’t say something, it’s worrisome.

“The funny thing was, my first few times they would say a joke to me, and for me to get a response in I would wait a minute or two. By that point, we’ve already moved on, so I can’t even make a retort to that.

So, I found that out the hard way, and not be so longwinded. It’s good working with Excalibur, and Taz, and Jericho, all these people they help me out. And I think they understand that I am trying the best I can”.

Starks on his flaws

Ricky Starks believes there is still room for improvement. “I don’t think I am good by any means,” Starks claimed. “But right now, I feel like I have found somewhat of a groove, still keeping my head above water.

But, at the same time, I am definitely not where I want to be, but at least I am not where I used to be”. Being comentator on the AEW Rampage was a great chance he got from Tony Khan “I was doing commentary before my neck injury as well, just to help me get practice for if I was to do any extra media stuff.

Or I wanted to try out for a show and do commentary on that, stuff like that. So, I was always doing that, then after the neck injury it was like, ‘hey, I am going to keep you on, obviously, keep doing commentary stuff, I can keep you as a manager type thing, and cut promos when you need to.’ “It wasn’t until Rampage came when they needed a stand-in, and Tony was like, ‘well, he’s already been practicing, so he might as well do it.’ I was like, ‘what, hold on man, this is your national show, I was just doing commentary for Dark on YouTube.’ I like pressure, I work very well under pressure, it was cool, I liked it”.