WWE removes Charlotte Flair from TV shows indefinitely

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WWE removes Charlotte Flair from TV shows indefinitely
WWE removes Charlotte Flair from TV shows indefinitely (Provided by Financial World)

In the last ppv staged by WWE, Wrestlemania Backlash, there was one of the most anticipated matches that saw Ronda Rousey return to being champion for the McMahon company, with Baddest Woman on the Planet beating the competition of former champion, Charlotte Flair, in one of the most brutal women's quit matches in WWE history.

After the landslide victory of Ronda, who managed to frame her opponent in an Armbar with the help of a steel chair in the center of the Wrestlemania Backlash ring, WWE wanted to confirm how the Nature Boy's daughter found a bad injury to an arm, or the fracture of the radius, one of the bones of the upper limb, with all that was obviously only the result of a storyline of the company, to oust Charlotte from the scene.

After seeing the news released by Kayla Braxton go around the world, WWE wanted to increase the dose, making the announcer of the company and her colleague communicate, in the episode of The Bump, that Charlotte Flair will be absent from the federation scenes indefinitely and therefore it will not be known when the former champion will return, until we will probably see her again by surprise in a few weeks or months.

WWE removes Charlotte Flair from TV shows indefinitely

Apparently, the girl had asked for the time available to marry and do the wedding voyage with her partner, the former WWE Andrade, who currently works in the AEW rings.

After saying yes to her proposal, Charlotte Flair froze everything waiting to be absent from the WWE rings and what better time than after losing her title to Ronda Rousey? At the moment, it seems that the wedding is scheduled for the beginning of this summer, even if the exact date has not emerged from any source, with the daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer who could thus be absent even for a few months from the rings of the federation that made it big in the pro-wrestling world.

Below the official WWE tweet: "BREAKING: As announced on @WWETheBump, due to the injury suffered during the "I Quit" Match at #WMBacklash, @MsCharlotteWWE is out of action INDEFINITELY."

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