Keith Lee: "Right now, I’m just kind of.."

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Keith Lee: "Right now, I’m just kind of.."

Keith Lee has been a member of many wrestling organizations, but AEW seems to be where he is happiest. He spoke about his decision to return for The Ringer’s MackMania Podcast. “Sometimes the thing we want doesn’t always line up with what’s in the cards,” Lee said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“So, the reality is, I don’t really, truly know. I know that, right now, I’m focusing a lot on myself and I’m enjoying the fact that there’s a schedule that I can train properly too because I didn’t have that kind of freedom for a long time.

“Most people know, I spent five or six months just kind of trying to stay alive and when I got back, when I made that comeback, it was like four or five months on the road five or six days a week. I was home only 18 hours, sometimes I’d have up to a day and a half.

The travel was taking its toll on me with being a larger human being and flying is tight, to say the least.

Keith Lee: A lot wore on me

He seems to be happy with what he is doing and wants to keep entertaining people. “So, a lot wore on me, and the lack of time to just dedicate to hey, I just got back, I need to keep training at a max level.

Now, I’m at a point where, OK, I’m hovering around where I was cardio wise of what I’m capable of, which is a beautiful thing for me because it’s a very long process and I struggled with some of those effects.

“So, right now, I’m just kind of in love with training, I think all the goals in pro wrestling are there and they’re gonna stay there because it’s in my nature to want to be THE guy. Everywhere I’ve gone, I was never chosen but I always fought to be either at the top or somewhere around that realm.

I’d take it as far back as my main event with Drew McIntyre, like, no-one would’ve expected me to go 30 minutes with that guy or 25 minutes or whatever it was and us to push as hard as we did. “But goals are things that bring me the most joy a lot of the time, like creating those special moments and I want to create more of them. So, I think it’s in all of our natures, as entertainers to want to do that for people”.