Dave Meltzer: "Roman Reigns won't be in Hell in a Cell!"

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Dave Meltzer: "Roman Reigns won't be in Hell in a Cell!"

Apparently the rumors that see an ever less busy schedule for WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, seem to find confirmation through the renewed rumors of the last few hours. According to rumors, Roman will not attend World Wrestling Entertainment's next PPV, Hell in a Cell scheduled for June 5th.

The event will be the orphan of its greatest champion and most likely will give space to other feuds of primary importance such as Cody Rhodes vs Seth "Freakin" Rollins or maybe the much rumored and desired fight will be staged to decree the new undisputed champions of coppira between RK-Bro and Usos.

Certainly the one to lose a train will be Drew McIntyre, who has taken over a feud that has never really ended against Roman and is eager to be able to raise the WWE world title for the third time in his career. Could these timings be useful to lengthen in anticipation of arriving in September and therefore at the European PPV in Cardiff for the titled match? At the moment we are not sure and such rumors still remain, but according to sources such as the Wrestling Observer Radio by Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, the next paid event in which the absolute champion will attend, will be during the summer, is therefore the next edition of SummerSlam must be assumed.

Also Meltzer declares that even the commitments of June 24 in Austin and some house shows up to that period, see the presence of Roman canceled, all except the commitments within the stadiums, simply considered more appropriate due to the presence of the maximum champion.

In his latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, well-known journalist Dave Meltzer wanted to make a fairly detailed analysis of the crisis that Smackdown's blue roster will now face in smaller house shows, with WWE no longer having its Tribal Chief at available, it will present itself in front of the small towns where it will have its events not filmed by the cameras, with a few high caliber athletes.

In his speech, Meltzer in fact stated: "But, it is still strange that first two titles are merged on a single person and then this does not go into the ppv. It is very strange what they are doing for Chicago. I mean, they're still gonna have a Hell in a Cell match, right? I don't know who will be inside.

Or, maybe it will be more than someone. Maybe Seth and Cody will be inside. Will someone else be there? Look at the Smackdown roster and take Roman Reigns out of that mix, I mean, I don't even know what they're going to do on house shows.

If they have a weekend to plan, where they have two house shows in one night instead of one, what will they really have in hand? Even with single shows where they use guys for two or more shows, the match advertised in the various billboards now always has the face of Reigns on it, from now on it will only have Cody and Seth.

Not a big hit for Smackdown. Champion number one would be Ricochet, I assume, but the star is Drew. But again, who are we sending Drew to fight? Sheamus? Corbin? He's not that great."