Vince Russo: "Alexa Bliss should leave WWE"

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Vince Russo: "Alexa Bliss should leave WWE"

In a long conversation on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo invited Alexa Bliss to leave the Stamford company to pursue something else. Alexa is finally back in WWE after three months of absence. In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, the 30-year-old from Columbus defeated Sonya Deville in a match that lasted just 40 seconds, which made fans and insiders turn up their noses.

During her WWE career, Alexa has held the Raw Women's Championship three times, the SmackDown Women's Championship twice, and the Women's Tag Team Championship twice with Nikki Cross. She also won the 2018 edition of the Money in the Bank ladder match and became the second Triple Crown.

Vince Russo: "Alexa Bliss should leave WWE"

Russo said: "I think the time has come for Alexa Bliss to leave WWE. She has a talent out of the ordinary, which she doesn't deserve to be usurped in this way.

Vince McMahon's company has never managed to enhance her character, on the contrary, it has done everything to destroy her. Thanks also to the contacts of her husband Ryan Cabrera, Alexa would have no problem becoming a good actress."

Vince cited the example of Charly Arnolt (better known as Charly Caruso, who played in WWE from 2016 to 2021): "At the time, I advised her to leave WWE because she had nothing to gain. She now works as a host for ESPN and things are much better.

Alexa Bliss is more or less in the same situation. By continuing in this way, she only run the risk of accumulating frustration and getting hurt sooner or later." Russo also talked about her Theory: "You definitely have what it takes to become one of the iconic faces of WWE within the next two years.

However, the comparison with John Cena seems quite premature to me. John is an icon of this business and has managed to transcend wrestling. Theory is working hard to make a name for itself, but it is still too early to make certain combinations."