WWE joins two belts to SmackDown

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WWE joins two belts to SmackDown

The initial main event of Wrestlemania Backlash, should have been the unification match of the tag team titles of the WWE main roster, between the category champions of Friday Night Smackdown, or the Usos and the homologous category champions of Monday Night Raw, or the RK -Bro, formed by Randy Orton and Riddle.

A few days before the ppv, however, WWE has seen fit to change the event card, including Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns in the contest, effectively eliminating the titles up for grabs and turning everything into a simple 3 vs 3, without no title or belt up for grabs, not even those of the absolute champion of Raw and Smackdown.

The whole thing was so wanted because in reality WWE had never wanted to give away both tag team champion titles in a single match in the ppv, but it was McMahon's strategy to create as much hype as possible in his ppv transition in the post Wrestlemania of the company.

In the last episode of Smackdown that aired tonight, however, WWE tried again, with a sensational announcement that left fans who follow the news and rumors on the internet a bit confused.

Next week there will be the unification match of the tag team titles

During the episode of the blue show aired tonight on FOX's televisions, there was yet another confrontation between Usos and Raw's RK-BRo, with the two teams who decided to continue their challenge, sanctioning in fact yet another match for the next episode of the WWE Friday night show.

In the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown, there will therefore be this famous unification of the titles, with both teams giving away their belts and with the winners taking it all away. At the moment, it is not known if WWE will really stage this match or if as done for Wrestlemania Backlash, someone will not meddle in the dispute, changing plans at the last minute.

Only time will then tell the truth. The same happened with the title won by Roman Reigns at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar: the unified title of the two rosters.