Jimmy Uso: "It's very likely that Naomi will join the Bloodline"

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Jimmy Uso: "It's very likely that Naomi will join the Bloodline"

A few days ago we reported some words said by Naomi about her possible entry into the Bloodline, WWE stable formed by her husband Jimmy Uso and her twin Jey Uso and obviously from the cousin of the two brothers Roman Reigns.

"I'm absolutely not against it and I think it's so important in our business to grow and evolve. If it's not there organically then I don't want it and I don't want it to be something just for the fun of it.

Okay, we saw it in the 'Glow. for so long. Let's take a step back, see something different. I really think it evolves naturally there. "

What does the husband think?

Now, however, it was her husband Jimmy who spoke to Corey Graves in his WWE After The Bell podcast: "It's very likely.

He talks about it a lot. He talks about the series: I have an idea. I'm ready to go. I can just snap. It can shoot. She has thrown herself on me many times already. She can do that promo. She is so ready to try something new. She has always adapted easily and it is something she has inside.

She's been around. Sometimes, I forget that she too has been here for ten years. She's been there right from when NXT started, she was on the road. When we debuted, the girls had their first NXT show. She was traveling when we were traveling.

I also forget the thing about: You were also on the road. She's like: It's time for me to jump aboard the Bloodline and start smashing. I'd love to have her there, she talks about it a lot. Heyman also said something about it."

In fact, last September Paul Heyman told the New York Post, when they asked him about a possible entry of Naomi in the stable: "Just because someone is not on television with us, does not mean that they are not on the radar.

of The Bloodline and it doesn't mean I'm not a member of The Bloodline. It just means we won't feature them on TV as such."