Virgil: "I have second stage cancer"

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Virgil: "I have second stage cancer"

Virgil said on Twitter that his life is unfortunately increasingly in danger because he has been diagnosed with stage two colon cancer. He wrote: "He's a shit right now. To make matters worse, I know I have stage two colon cancer.

I am a fighter, but I need help. I can't afford any medical expenses and would love to have your support." The man had already made it known only on April 16, that he had had two strokes and even worse that he suffered from dementia: "Since the weekend of Mania, I didn't feel so well.

Something was wrong. my head, my arm and my heart When I got back from Dallas I went to the doctor and they discovered a lot of problems. For starters, without my knowing it, in the last few months the doctor has identified that I have had 2 massive strokes.

I didn't even notice it until one of my arms stopped working. Basically it is unable to do anything. This was decent news.

Virgil: "I have second stage cancer"

The worst news is that I have been told that I am struggling with an early stage of dementia.

The years of taking big hits during events (that no one else wanted to take) started to have an effect on me. I'm nervous I'm scared and God knows I can't afford to go through this and be able to move on. It's really sad because all I want to do is have fun and do what I always do.

To survive. What am I asking for? Well 4 meals, my roommate and my team helped me with this page to help me pay." In the United States health care is private, and medical expenses cost a lot, often even more than a car or a house, and that's why Virgil, who has practically no longer earned anything from his being a former superstar of professional wrestling, is asking for help. If you also want to donate something, you can do it at his PayPal fundraiser: Virgil Medical Expences.