Cody Rhodes: That's why I left WWE!

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Cody Rhodes: That's why I left WWE!

Cody Rhodes left the WWE back in 2015 but many have not forgotten him years later. However, he recently delighted everyone and returned to the WWE, and described why he made such a decision in 2015. “I feel like all of my heroes whether it be in wrestling or entertainment had to make the decisions that somebody else wouldn’t make,” Cody Rhodes said for Steve Austin’s: The Broken Skull Sessions, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“I just had to make one of those recently and at the time, there were all these factors. Stardust was supposed to end, I was supposed to be Cody Rhodes and I was gonna be Stardust, all of these things were gonna happen but they weren’t happening fast enough.

All the advice I was getting, ‘go talk to such and such’, ‘go talk to such and such’, like, OK…I don’t feel very welcome. I released myself, I just put out a statement on social, someone in talent relations said ‘i’ll see ya next week!’.

because I had vented to them and I said ‘no, you won’t’. Then I put that thing out, it was an incredibly unprofessional way to do it, I broke the ties, I had to go, I needed to go. “I didn’t even sign my release papers.

I didn’t care, I worked for you [WWE] for 10, wonderful, beautiful years, I met my wife here, I had this great run with my brother here, I got to work with my heroes in the business and it can’t end this way for me.

So, I’m moving on…no hard feelings, which was the best possible thing I could’ve done at the time. Cody Rhodes on his decision He apologized if some were offended by his decision. "There was no way out of this [points at photo of Stardust], I was so embarrassed.

I’ve talked about the good parts about Stardust and I did mean that but I had to do appearances in full gimmick and people would say it’s the commitment. No, it’s the fact that I can’t bring myself to be Cody Rhodes and telling them that I’m also Stardust.

It’s the sad cloud thing but there was no other way out other than the nuclear option, which is what I did and I am so glad I did it and if it pissed anyone off or it affected anyone adversely, I do apologize, I don’t think it did and we’re all here now”.