Cody Rhodes: "Triple H has helped me a lot during my career"

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Cody Rhodes: "Triple H has helped me a lot during my career"

Cody Rhodes praisde Triple H during an interview Sports Illustrated, saying how HHH, who retired in early 2022, has helped him a lot throughout his career. Cody explained: “Over the past few weeks, I've seen fans burning my shirts and stuff.

I have to admit I was pretty stumped. All Elite Wrestling would never have existed if it wasn't for me. I am not saying that the credit is mine alone, but my contribution has been fundamental. A lot of people treat me like I've changed football team and it doesn't feel right.

I remember Triple H, who helped me a lot throughout my career, told me that everyone had a role to play in this business. I replied that I was not happy with that role and that I wanted a better one. I understood the meaning of his words, but I felt I needed something different at that stage of my career.

So I decided to leave and in the following years I proved it was the right thing to do."

Rhodes' as a back in WWE

Rhodes returned to WrestleMania 38, beating Seth Rollins on the Showcase of the Immortals, repeating that triumph a few weeks later on WrestleMania Backlash.

Among the insiders, many believe that Cody has what it takes to dethrone Roman Reigns in the future. Rhodes departed from the Stamford company in 2016, with the aim of gaining experience around the world. After saying goodbye to Vince McMahon's company, Cody worked in Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, before contributing to the birth of All Elite Wrestling alongside Kenny Omega, Tony Khan and the Young Bucks.

Recall that Triple H officially retired from WWE in early 2022, after being treated for heart problems, and after having implanted a defibrillator to prevent congenital arthritis and the succession of serious cardiac events. He was a WWE legend, who writes history betwenn '90 and 2000.