Kevin Owens: "Triple H is a true champion"

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Kevin Owens: "Triple H is a true champion"

Kevin Owens presided over Triple H, saying that former wrestler is a real champion, an example for young people, during an interview for talkSPORT. Owens said: "Ever since I took my first steps in WWE, I have always thought that Triple H was a true champion.

The Game had the ability to enhance the shows he attended and the people he worked with, so he always admired so much. I was not surprised when I first met HHH, because I knew he was working hard to nurture young talent. He proved that my assumptions were correct and many of us wouldn't be here without him.

I owe him everything and I'm not afraid to admit it. Hunter was the man who contributed the most to my success. Vince McMahon was one of the factors that convinced me to stay in Stamford. He wanted me to stay in his company and took part in the negotiations for my renewal.

This place is like family to me, I mean it. I don't mean to discredit All Elite Wrestling, but here are some of my best friends. "

Triple H and his heart problems

Triple H announced him from wrestling to devote himself to a management role in WWE, especially after a delicate heart operation following a cardiac event for the installation of a subcutaneous defibrillator, which forced him to retire from the ring.

Triple H was engaged for several years to wrestler Chyna. He has been married since 2003 to Stephanie McMahon; the couple has three daughters. He is also a football fan and the team he supports is West Ham United. Early in his career, he played Hunter Hearst Helmsley, a cultured but arrogant and snooty aristocrat heel, a name that would later shorten to Triple H as his character became more aggressive and powerful.

This change is mostly due to D-Generation X, where Triple H will become a degenerate "who doesn't follow the rules and does everything his way. After D-X disbanded, his character became more stable, albeit of no less effect, becoming the leader of Evolution.

Once the Evolution is dissolved, and after a brief D-X reunion, Triple H becomes WWE Champion for the sixth time, and 10 years after winning the King of the Ring, he calls himself King of Kings, entering particular matches dressed as king.

After another D-X meeting and a feud with the Legacy, Triple H sets aside the king of kings gimmick to become the WWE COO, sort of vice president of the federation, albeit in many rivalries (like the one with The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar) has put this character aside to become the King of Kings he once was.