Corey Graves: "I don't know anything about Sasha Banks and Naomi on Raw"

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Corey Graves: "I don't know anything about Sasha Banks and Naomi on Raw"

Corey Graves, during the show, once he discovered the thing, said that Sasha Banks and Naomi were not professional at what they did they did, with his girlfriend Carmella who also defended him on social media from the attack of some fans who were a little too rude.

During the latest edition of his WWE After The Bell podcast, a podcast that is a WWE product, the commentator on the red show said: "Everyone is asking this question, there is a particular set of circumstances that happened last Monday on Raw.

There are speculations and rumors all over the place. I was on the air when it happened, I only know the information that was given to me and in the following days, while everyone continues to speculate, I have no more information.

I don't know enough about the circumstance or the situation or which side did what. I'll just avoid it. I will be perfectly honest and transparent with everyone. I would like to dive into this conversation because he turned on the internet, everyone has a point of view with their own opinion, I don't know enough facts about what actually happened to speak for sure.

Corey Graves about Sasha Banks and Naomi

All I know is what you guys know. I was getting updates during the Monday show, as needed, because we were doing a show. If it gets to a point where it becomes something we know the facts of, I'll be happy to dive into it for our listener's pleasure.

Until then, we will continue with what we know to be true." Corey wasn't the only Monday Night Raw commentator to talk about this, in fact his colleague Jimmy Smith also brought up the topic in his podcast, but he was more inclined to talk about it, even if he didn't say things.

new, but only confirmed the statement released by WWE saying it is not a work. WWE wanted to leave Michael Cole the task of informing their fans of the WWE Universe, of how the company wanted to suspend the athletes indefinitely who are guilty of a decidedly unprofessional behavior during the episode of the red show.

This time, moreover, the WWE has also had to put their face to it, since the athletes have given up after the company had already announced and advertised the main event of the red show, then modified in the race for the abandonment of the two.