Sasha Banks furious about the canceled match due to Ronda Rousey

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Sasha Banks furious about the canceled match due to Ronda Rousey

Dave Meltzer wanted to reveal since Sasha Banks' malaise started backstage at the company. Meltzer said: "Sasha always had problems, you know, she went on a rampage when Ronda took her spot in Wrestlemania, which you know was meant for Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair for months already, I wrote this already.

She was then moved down and they gave her a match for the tag team titles, like a sop, just because she was moved down." Apparently, that was the first drop that started to to fill the pot of forbearance of the girl, who was gradually put aside, until she heard the ideas of the creative team for the last episode of the company's red show.

From that point on, Sasha didn't think anymore, quitting her job in the worst possible way. As we saw during the Wrestlemania 38 card, Sasha Banks and Naomi teamed up in a multi tag team match valid for the WWE main roster women's couple titles, which in the end was won by the two girls.

Sasha Banks' fury

After a few weeks of reign, however, a sensational twist hit WWE Universe fans and colleagues of the two, when both Sasha and Naomi left the backstage of Monday Night Raw, even leaving their belts in John's office.

Laurinaitis, after the company had already announced and advertised them for a match in the main event of the evening, against 4 other athletes of the red show. After this sensational exit from the scene, the WWE wanted to issue a statement in which in addition to apologizing for the sudden change, it also wanted to peck very hard its two champions, guilty of not having maintained a professional behavior.

Apparently, Sasha Banks's malaise would go on even before Wrestlemania, where the girl was initially scheduled for a very important match against Charlotte Flair, then passed into the hands of Ronda Rousey, after an extensive modification, with the Baddest Woman on the Planet which ended up in the sights of Charlotte Flair, after the victory of the Rumble by the former MMA fighter.